Apparently I “Scrub up well”

So last night was the much anticipated and eagerly awaited UK Blog Awards night, a classy red carpet affair in a Central London hotel where I would find out if my much loved (by me anyway) blog had won the coveted prize of being named Best Individual Health Blog. I had been quite nervous about … Continue reading

Update on my Back

Apologies in advance, I have consumed a can of red stripe and 3 brandy and diet cokes, so can not vouch for the quality or cohesion of this post. So my last post was about that stupid doctor who told me I was too fat to run a marathon. Granted I had gone to see … Continue reading

I am woman

To say I am busy at the moment is somewhat of an understatement. My daughter turned 1 this week, and despite the fact I have had all this time to get used to being a stay at home mum I seem to be busier than ever, and squeezing more and more in. Last night I … Continue reading

Does being poor equal being obese?

So there are two bits of research on Obesity that I have come across today that have given me something to think about, whilst at the same time given me an excuse to post this picture of me and my siblings (oh plus a random cousin) and my mum. I am the one in the … Continue reading

What a way to start 2014

If I think back to all the crazy antics I’ve got up to in the early hours of New Years Day over the years, wow it makes me shudder and smile in equal measure. A couple of years back I actually saw two “Happy New Year” moments as I crossed a time zone in South … Continue reading

I’m giving up the booze

I am writing this post with a thumping headache and we are now two whole days away from my evening of excessive drinking. I have just been out for my 5k #onebigfatrun (a day late I must add) and it seriously almost nearly killed me. I guess I’ve always had a problem with booze since … Continue reading

The OUTRAGEOUS 10K that I almost forgot about

So I have been trying to pull together a chronological list of races I have participated in over the years and I have just realised the single most funniest 10K experience I have had has never been written about. My two besties will kill me for exposing them..but girls it has to be done, after … Continue reading

Benidorm here I come

The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day and I have got my days exercise done and dusted. Friday is baby swimming day with Rose. The swimming pool is 15 minutes away in the car, but it’s a lovely 30minutes walk along the greenway, a hidden gem of london which is in fact the great … Continue reading

I hate water

There’s nothing worse than trying to advise people about their diet and you are faced with a long list of… “But I don’t like salad…or fruit…or fish…or grilled food” When I was in hospital just after my daughter was born, there was a young lady in a bay across from me who spent a whole … Continue reading

The pitfalls of being an overweight runner

So for argument’s sake lets just say you’re overweight, well 60.8% of the UK population are so you are in good company…or heaven forbid you are obese or dare I say it morbidly obese (all of which I have been over the last 20 years)… and you are considering taking up running you say? Who in … Continue reading

Slapped on my Fat Arse

Picture the scene. It’s 8.15am the alarm goes off, I creep out of bed trying not to wake my 11 week old baby and my snoring fiancé. I put on my running gear, set my iPod to shuffle and head out into the bright sunshine. I was running at quite a slow (but steady) pace, … Continue reading

Fatty must swim too!

I always considered myself to be a strong swimmer, until today that is. So after a night of heavy drinking and about four hours sleep, I made my way to London Fields Lido for week 1 of my outdoor swimming course. Once again my preparation and attention to detail have let me down, and once … Continue reading

Am I boveered?

So the plan was to go to my uncles birthday party, show my face, have a soft drink or two and catch up with my family. Well two out of three ain’t bad. The “but I’m running a half marathon on Sunday” line was falling on deaf ears and the Bacardi and cokes kept flowing…my … Continue reading

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