Get your “Too Fat to Run?” T-Shirts & Hoodies NOW!!!

So it really is happening folks. Last night I spent the early evening frolicking with 9 amazing women in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on a fun photoshoot wearing my new “Too Fat to Run?” clothing range. OK…clothing range may be pushing it a bit…but “Too Fat to Run?” is a concept and we are … Continue reading

Why EVEN you should get proper trainers fitted (Part 1)

My first pair of running shoes were bought off the shelf about ten years ago in Sports Direct, the two main criteria for selection being Price (below £40) Must look like running shoes An improvement on my fashionable but ineffective sporty looking shoes They cost me £35 in fact and if I remember rightly they … Continue reading

Aldi Running Range

Asking a plus size runner to review your clothing range is like asking someone with multiple allergies to review an all you can eat buffet while blindfolded. Ok maybe that’s a crap analogy. What I’m trying to say is it’s a tough job. I have a funny shaped body to start with so finding anything … Continue reading

The shocking truth about going Commando

With less than 12 days to go until my Brighton Marathon attempt I have a body that I am sure is throwing out phantom niggles and pains just despite me. So I am concentrating on eating well, hydrating and basically tapering without driving myself and everyone around me mad. Todays post therefore is an attempt to … Continue reading

The importance of good underwear

As a powerful, voluptuous, curvy oh and of course physically active woman, the importance of wearing good underwear is crucial to looking and feeling great about yourself. I’m not talking sports bras here ladies. I am actually talking about what you wear to cover your bits when you are not exercising. If like me you … Continue reading

Fattys Debut on UK TV

So as I sat there last week with afternoon tea and biscuits and my daughter busy having her afternoon nap, I saw the cutest feature on daytime TV, an oh so sweet makeover on the Alan Titchmarsh show of an elderly couple who had been married like forever…ahhh bless, and they did such a great … Continue reading

Me a plus size model?

A photographer from my local newspaper arrived last week to take some photographs of me in action for a story they wanted to run about my nomination for the UK Blog Awards. So the young trendy chap turns up with all his kit and as we walk round to a suitable location for the pics … Continue reading

Panache Sport Sportsbra Review

It is the last Sunday of the month today, which means only one thing at the Fat Girls Guide to Running HQ – #onebigfatrun the FREE virtual 5K for plus sized runners that I coordinate. You see I have a dreamt get 1 million FAT runners taking part in this event to show that overweight … Continue reading

I have a new coat

Just a quicky today. On Saturday whilst dressed as a Santa waiting for my two friends to meet me at bank station (to embark on a day of festive misbehaving AKA SantaCon) I popped into Gap just to kill some time really…standing alone dressed as Santa can be a bit awkward. Us Santa like to … Continue reading

Good Sports Bra = Girl Power

Did you know a G Cup breasticle can move up to 14cm during exercise, now that’s some serious bounce. 14cm is like the width of a DvD case…wow can you imagine what damage they could do when left untamed? Luckily I don’t have size G boobies, I have a D cup…just in case you’ve ever wondered. My … Continue reading

Kit that Fits is Soooo Important

A few weeks ago I put up a post begging asking for some new kit as basically my post pregnancy body means that none of my old running/exercise clothes fit, and basically I can’t justify buying any new stuff. And low and behold the offers started flowing in with the first package arrived on my … Continue reading

How to Create the Perfect Running Top

So I ran today. Nothing new there then. It’s Monday and Monday means track night. A challenging session led by my running club at a local running track. I’ve been going for a few months now and am seeing a real improvement. Only problem today, the sun is out and I had no top to … Continue reading

Smile for the Camera

Lets think about it…you are never looking at your best when you are running, right? Well I know I’m not. Theres the Lycra for a start, now I’m not talking a one piece suit, but running leggings are a must for me…to stop me from wobbling all over the gaff, then there’s the shirt…some times … Continue reading

Jeepers Creepers

How the hell does weight creep up on you so fast without you seeing it coming? In April I went shopping for a new suit, something I always dread. I hate formal clothes firstly cos they need considerable looking after ie dry cleaning, or at least ironing, and secondly cos it doesn’t matter what size … Continue reading

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