#FMRMC girl Holley leads the way

In May last year I got this crazy idea that if I could motivate myself as an overweight girl to run a marathon, perhaps I could motivate other overweight ladies to run their first marathon. So I put out a call on the internet I NEED FATTIES¬†and low and behold they came. That was where … Continue reading

Introducing Gemma

Of course I have no favorites in my Fattymustrun Marathon Challenge Recruits , however I think I am secretly most proud of Gemma, and here is why. In the first month of the challenge she was carted off to hospital to have her appendix taken out, and if truth be known I didn’t think she … Continue reading

Introducing Amber

So its been a while since I introduced one of my Fatty Must Run Marathon Challenge girls…and we are now 3 months into the programme and I am really getting to know my ladies a little better now. Amber was the first lady to apply where from her photo I thought “Hmmm?? Not sure if … Continue reading

Introducing Tina

So last month I told you about the fabulous and inspirational Jen, one of my 16 fattymustrun marathon challenge recruits, and today I thought it was about time I introduced you to another one of my amazing ladies Tina AKA “therunningranny” I am picking on her this month as she kept asking on twitter “who’s … Continue reading

May Day, May Day

I am sitting here trying to write this post with Britain’s Got Talent on in the background, my 5-year-old nephew Rio camping (in an actual tent) in the spare room, and a teething and restless Rose waking up every few minutes to be comforted. Why the hell did I not buy wine at the supermarket … Continue reading

The Fattymustrun Marathon Challenge is up and Running (excuse the pun)

I have selected my 15 girls, the 15 ladies who have bravely agreed to come on a 12 month journey with me to train for a Spring Marathon…they must be as mad as me!! So who do we have? Amanda, 34 from Ohio USA with a BMI of 37Amber, 29 Colorado USA with a BMI … Continue reading

How to cope with rejection?

We all know that feeling of being picked last in PE, or that “thanks but no thanks” job application response…it’s not nice. Those feelings of rejection can really stay with you and for some people it cements a feeling they have deep inside that they are not good enough. When I was 10 all I … Continue reading

International Fatties

Now we all know that obesity…like poverty is a global issue, the difference between those who have and those who don’t is so apparent, especially if like me you like to travel. I stood out like a sore thumb on my travels around south east Asia last year, children there thought I was a giant…Well … Continue reading

Fatty Needs You!!

Well maybe you, maybe someone you know…or even someone on the other side of the world, you’ve never met in person but who knows your online you. I am recruiting, in search of fellow fatties to be specific, but fatties with a sense of challenge and of course a sense of humor. They will need … Continue reading

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