Top 10 tips for choosing your first race

Running races is an integral part of being a runner, that’s not to say you have to run them but they are a great motivator. If I hadn’t of entered that 3k fun run all those years ago I may never have discovered my love of running and I would never have continued to up … Continue reading

What the hell are Chia seeds?

So lets get one thing straight. I am no expert when it comes to nutrition, I mean if I was I wouldn’t be overweight right? But I am not a complete food moron either and like a lot of overweight women I know the basics but I am just not great at being consistent with applying the … Continue reading

Think I may have become a Marathon Addict overnight

Today I have finally accepted the truth that I am an official, 100% certified Marathon Nut, alongside the millions of other marathon running nutters out there. I was reluctant at first to accept this problem as it is hard to say you are a Marathon Addict after doing just one marathon, but now I have … Continue reading

Why crying on national TV is not a good look

“Do you want to feature on Channel Four as part of the coverage of the Brighton Marathon” the producer said? Wow, “Yes, what a great opportunity” I said. “Make sure you know what message you want to get across and stick to it” a media guru friend of mine said. “No problem, I know exactly … Continue reading

Brighton Marathon 2014

At 7am yesterday morning I made the mile and a bit journeyuphill through Brighton to Preston Park for the start of the Brighton Marathon 2014. The streets were empty bar a few stragglers from the previous evenings festivities, the only sound was the seagulls which had kept me awake for most of the night. I … Continue reading

Why every FAT person should run a Marathon

As you read this post I am somewhere along the route of a 26.2 mile race on the south coast of England, I am running a marathon. The Brighton Marathon. However, I am not a marathon runner in the normal sense of the word. I do not have a running coach, or a sponsor or … Continue reading

Update on my Back

Apologies in advance, I have consumed a can of red stripe and 3 brandy and diet cokes, so can not vouch for the quality or cohesion of this post. So my last post was about that stupid doctor who told me I was too fat to run a marathon. Granted I had gone to see … Continue reading

Screw YOU Doctor

I am so angry right now so apologies in advance for an almighty rant coming your way. I know I am a big girl right, and I know that being big comes with health complications which in many cases has an impact on NHS resources. However, I do not smoke, I do not drink (much, … Continue reading

Two’s Company Three is Allowed

When I first started running I only ever ran by myself, in part because nobody I knew ran but also I was scared that I would embarrass myself or slow others down. Bit by bit I have turned this right around and I can often be found running with others. I frequently run with Don … Continue reading

Training for a marathon does NOT make you thin

You would think that as a plus sized athlete (yep thats me) that by simply following a strict marathon training plan, which consisting of 4 run sessions a week, covering between 20 and 30 kilometres, including threshold, speed and long runs plus a weekly circuits class that the weight would simply drop off. This is … Continue reading

#FMRMC girl Holley leads the way

In May last year I got this crazy idea that if I could motivate myself as an overweight girl to run a marathon, perhaps I could motivate other overweight ladies to run their first marathon. So I put out a call on the internet I NEED FATTIES and low and behold they came. That was where … Continue reading

Running: The HAPPY drug

I put on 1.5lbs at weightwatchers today, the very same 1.5lb that I have been dancing a merry dance with since October of last year….but do I care??? NOPE not really. Because this evening I got to my running club on club run night for the first time in ages, probably the first time in … Continue reading

A very personal post

Today I took my daughter to the local hospital to see an ear nose and throat specialist as she was born with congenital pre auricular fistula (ear pits), its nothing serious but they wanted to just check if they had closed by themselves. So I walked the 2 and a half miles there, and then … Continue reading

Why I chose to run a marathon

When you are Fat life is full of things you can’t do… You can’t buy cake without feeling like people are judging you You often can’t touch your toes You can’t find a decent pair of jeans to fit You can’t squeeze through a crowd to get to the bar too easily You can’t fit … Continue reading

The Ultimate Marathon Bucket List

Whoever would have thought I would write such a thing. It was only 18months ago that I signed up to my first marathon with a niggling worry in the back of my mind that I would never complete it. But I did…and you would think that would’ve been the end of the whole matter. You … Continue reading

The unsung heroes of today

The alarm went off at 6.45 and I crept out of the house much like I did this time last year. As I headed towards the DLR I spotted a few determined looking souls with their give away red bags…that was me last year making my way to blackheath. This year my destination was poplar … Continue reading

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