Watch out Alan Sugar

Money has never been that important to me, but that being said I’ve been aware of it from quite an early age and always managed to find a way of acquiring it some how. Aged 7 I used to convince my sister that my handful of coppers were more valuable than her shiny £1 coin. … Continue reading

Welcome to the Matrix

So I had a real Matrix moment today. I was sitting on the steps of Westfield Stratford soaking up the sun whilst enjoying my lunch and killing some time before my mums on the run session which I lead in the Olympic Park each Wednesday. I was watching the crowds buzzing around Stratford tube station … Continue reading

Man vs Fat

People often ask me if my blog is only for women. And of course its not, but in the writing world they do say write about what you know best and what I know best is being a girl…ok then a woman. I mean the issues of being overweight are similar between the sexes, but … Continue reading

Me a plus size model?

A photographer from my local newspaper arrived last week to take some photographs of me in action for a story they wanted to run about my nomination for the UK Blog Awards. So the young trendy chap turns up with all his kit and as we walk round to a suitable location for the pics … Continue reading

To give or not to give

Entering races is quite addictive I’ve found, but it sure as hell ain’t cheap, come to think about it, it ain’t even straight forward anymore. I have done maybe 20 odd organised events of some sort, and I have only ever fund raised for one… The London Triathlon. Reason being I wasn’t sure if I … Continue reading

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