FattyMustRun Initiatives

So if I can run a marathon weighing in at over 16 stone with less than a couple of months training I figure that other overweight girls could too.

However, if a marathon is not for you, and they really are not for everyone I still recommend setting yourself a challenge of some description which is why I have set up the following challenges

  • The Fattymustrun Marathon Challenge – 16 overweight ladies from around the world were recruited in May 2013 to work with me for 10 months in preparation for a spring marathon. Each month they are set a series of challenges and they support each other via a closed facebook page. Look out for the recruitment phase for 2014 – Could you run a marathon in 2015?
  • Fattys10Kchallenge – A 10 week training plan based on my eBook 10K to prepare you for a 10k in only 10 weeks. New cohorts of runners are recruited every few months and progress of the participants is reported on the Fat Girls Guide to Running Facebook Page so why not get involved.
  • OneBigFatRun – A monthly virtual 5k run (not race) that takes place on the last Sunday of every month, you sign up via the Facebook Page and do your run whenever and wherever you decide on that day. We don’t care how long it takes but you must upload a picture of yourself, you route or your time onto facebook or twitter using the hashtag #onebigfatrun

Wherever you are in the world, get your running shoes on and be part of the fattymustrun revolution.

And new for 2014

  • Fat Girl Running Clinics – Why not book me for a motivational workshop
  • Kit that fits swap shop – London Summer 2014 (Details TBC)
  • Fat Girl Running Convention – London Summer 2014 (Details TBC)

So what are you waiting for people? Get involved!!


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