I hate water

There’s nothing worse than trying to advise people about their diet and you are faced with a long list of…

“But I don’t like salad…or fruit…or fish…or grilled food”

When I was in hospital just after my daughter was born, there was a young lady in a bay across from me who spent a whole night crying out in pain after having a caesarian. The nurses were in and out all night trying to make her comfortable and helping her to feed her new baby, who also spent most of the night crying.

In the morning when all the curtains were drawn back I realised she was quite young, maybe 18 or 19 and I felt quite sorry for her.

She kept asking the midwife “when can I go home?” to which she was repeatedly told “once your catheter is removed, but you must drink more water as you are quite dehydrated”

“But I hate water” was the reply

A few hours later the midwife returned and said “come on love you must drink up, you can’t go home until we are happy you are passing fluids properly”

“I am trying, but I hate water” she had sipped maybe a quarter of the cup of water that had been on her table for the past 5 hours.

For goodness sake…she had just brought a child into this world and she was causing such a fuss over drinking a jug of water.

I don’t particularly like the taste of water… I prefer for example a nice vodka and coke, or a bulmers…or a nice fruit juice, or strawberry milkshake you get the idea…but none of those are going to give me the health benefits that water does.

I don’t want to calorie count, or omit food from my diet, or limit portion sizes…or eat celery, but I do because I want to be healthier and lose weight.

So when faced with a food I don’t like I ask myself what do I dislike more? This food or being fat?? And the answer is pretty much always the same.

Stop hating the foods you know are going to bring you the health benefits you so desperately need!!! Start tackling them one by one starting with water…

Give it a week and I bet you it will grow on you!!

Tips to take in more water

  • Have a favorite glass that is only yours
  • Try sparking water
  • Order a jug of water when you eat out
  • Buy a 2 liter bottle each morning and see if you can finish it through the day
  • Learn to like Tap Water (if its ok where you are, it is where I am) as its FREE
  • Try a slice of lemon or lime to spice things up
  • How about a glass of hot water first thing in the morning
  • Or herbal tea
  • Try Bovril or Miso paste
  • Make soup
  • Eat salad


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