What to put in your mouth

Now I am no expert on nutrition, else I wouldn’t be overweight right? but I have picked up a few things over the years. Being on a constant diet and depriving yourself of the foods you love is pointless and no way to live, but maybe that’s just it we need to learn to love new things and create some new more healthier habits.

So here are my top 5

Try cutting out all other drinks for a week and see how you feel, seriously it’s the best thing anyone wanting to lose weight or get healthier can do. I used to be a diet coke addict until I fell pregnant, that was the wake up call I needed. Do you know that the active ingredient in Coke is phosphoric acid and a can of the stuff will dissolve a nail in about four days. So imagine what it does to your teeth and your insides. There is a lot of other evidence that Diet drinks make you crave sweet things, suck your calcium supply, increase blood pressure…the list goes on.

There are a whole heap of other drinks out there, juices, smoothies, flavoured water but seriously they all have more calories than your body needs and while your drinking those, you’re not drinking water, which is what your body needs to stay hydrated and working properly.

Try a sports size bottle a day to start, or why not try fizzy water (which feels like more of a treat), I sometimes add sugar free lemon squash too just for a bit of variety. What about sports drinks? Unless you are running more than 10k at a time, I doubt your body needs it. Water will be just fine and herbal teas are an alternative to your normal caffeine fix, and your less likely to accompany it with a biscuit.

Yeah, yeah five a day and all that. Bananas – a perfect stop gap food for between meals, and a post workout treat. Apples – sit in front of the TV at night with a knife cutting little slices, perfect snacking food. And don’t dismiss tinned fruit, it’s a cheap and convenient way to ensure you get your fruit fix. Have peaches with some yogurt as a low calorie dessert, use for homemade smoothies, pineapple chunks, apricot halts, pear quarters….the list goes on and on. Dried fruit is a handy store cupboard food too, but eat in moderation because of the high sugar levels…sultanas and apricots are my favourite.

Not the stuff you get at the cinema, or the stuff covered in toffee (cos that is ridiculously moorish) but the plain corn kernels you can buy in most supermarkets. Pot a pan on to heat, a tablespoon full of oil, test the heat of the oil by placing one piece of corn (you are looking for bubbles) a handful of corn should be plenty, put the lid on and wait for the popping magic. I like mine with a sprinkle of salt and some chilli flakes…but for a sweet option a teaspoon of sugar and some cinnamon. This is a great snacking alternative to crisps.

Ok so this is more of a food group, than a food. So why protein? Well protein is what helps muscles to heal, and it also helps protect your immune system…protein also helps you to stay fuller for longer. So what kind of protein is good? We are talking low fat generally, and where possible unprocessed. My favorites…chicken (roast one on a Sunday and use the left overs through the week), tuna…a tin of tuna can be used in a sandwich, in pasta, in salad, it’s perfect. Low fat natural yogurt..add some fruit and you have a dessert, blitz it in a blender with some seeds and you have a nutritious smoothie.

One you may not have heard of is Quinoa, it’s like a mix between rice and cous cous…if you season it right it’s a great alternative and packed full of protein. Beans…baked, kidney, chick, anything other than jelly beans and your good to go. Try to Steer clear of cheese, or if you must go for strong cheeses like parmesan and use less of them. I am partial to BabyBell lights and Philadelphia light, processed I know but I’ve given up cheddar cheese on toast what more do you want? Ohhh and did i mention eggs??? The list goes on and on, just make sure you have some good protein in every meal.

Great for the winter months, great for using up left over vegetables, great for eating between meals…there are so many recipes. I also use tinned soup as a backup, and cuppa soups for when I’m on the move and need something quick, just keep an eye on the calories of these. My favourite homemade soups are leek and potato, and spicy lentil and red pepper…or chicken soup, using the carcass from Sunday’s roast. Try and do without the bread rolls, rye ryvita are a good alternative or matzo crackers.

So there you have it.

I try not to go on diets as such, but when I’m being good these are the 5 things I try to keep in mind. I know there is a lot more too it, like portion control, good fats and bad fats, complex carbs. But it’s a start.

The thing is…most of us know where we are going wrong, we are just too stubborn to admit it, or we eat mindlessly as part of the busy lives we lead….then again maybe it’s simply cos we just love to eat chocolate cake and KFC…just not in that order I hope!!

So what do you think of my 5, do you have any more to add to my list?


9 Responses to “What to put in your mouth”
  1. playfulpups says:

    One of my favorite must have’s – Oatmeal. I’ve lost 40lbs so far, with 40 more to go! And, I totally agree with water- I used to be a diet coke addict- now, I only have one a couple times a week as a treat (used to drink several a day). And, I’m feeling great!

  2. kimshay says:

    What about all the salt in the soup? I already have high blood pressure.

  3. amy Larivierre says:

    Hi Julie, I was standing next to you in the warm up (in the park) at Brighton marathon this year (my partner was running it) . I was looking at your hoody and was wondering what it was all about then i saw you on the highlights program. Im sure you have heard this many times before but you have really inspired me and i have singed up for London marathon 2015. I need to lose maybe 3 stone before i start properly training (im a size 20 and 21 stone) but tomorrow is the start of my weight lose and running journey and i will be remembering you every step of the way. im so happy i saw you in the park that day, you have given me the kick i needed and well done for completing the marathon .Thank you so much your brilliant, Amy

    • fattymustrun says:

      Thank you Amy for sharing this with me. I wish you every success with your journey, if I can do it anyone can. Keep me posted with how your training goes and let me know if I can help in anyway. I hope to bring out a range of hoodies this summer for exactly this reason, I want to get my message out there!! Xxx

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