Active D+ Sports Bra by Shock Absorber

Did you know a G Cup breasticle can move up to 14cm during exercise, now that’s some serious bounce. 14cm is like the width of a DvD case…wow can you imagine what damage they could do when left untamed? Luckily I don’t have size G boobies, I have a D cup…just in case you’ve ever wondered.

My boobs have of course been on a bit of a journey the last 12 months or so, pregnancy takes them to places you never dreamed of…I wont bore you with the detail but the low point being standing in an m&s changing room with a bra specialist in a pool of my own breastmilk.

But since having a baby and getting back into my running I figured I should start looking after my breasts. See I have never owned a sports bra and have always made do with the double whammy effect of wearing 2 bras, or a combination of bra and tight fitting crop top.

I have to face facts now though there is only one direction these bad boys are heading as I approach my 40s so it’s only wise to start giving them the support and love they need. Which is where the lovely company Shock Absorber come in. They saw my plea for new kit and sent me their latest offering – Active D+ Flexiwire (specifically designed for larger busts going up to a GG/H Cup….wow!!)

So at 8am after about 4 hours sleep and trying not to wake the baby I slipped it on no that sounds too elegant – I manoeuvred my ample chest into this garment and strapped myself in.

20130608-113730.jpgNot bad. It fitted perfectly, no bulges no pinching and no gaping. I Can’t believe I am posting a picture of myself in a bra for the whole world to see, but what the heck, here’s another one from behind…ignore the state of my untidy flat Juneathon and Housework don’t really go together.

But back to the bra, how would it perform under pressure? Well I popped along to my local parkrun to test the said bra to find out.

20130608-113736.jpgI can safely say there was no bounce…and I mean that. They stayed in place for the whole 5k, and I actually had a speedier first lap than normal getting round in 17 minutes or so, I wasn’t even lapped by the front runners which makes a change! But I slowed in the second lap and finished in just shy of 39 minutes!! Not a PB but not far off.

Question is was it the bra? Maybe, as I didn’t waste any valuable time adjusting or rearranging straps or adjusting the cups to prevent any quadruplets (you know what they are don’t you girls?)

There was some additional pressure where the straps met my shoulders, but because the material was quite wide there it spread the load, but not too wide that it looked industrial. In fact I wore the bra kinda on show with my customised tshirt I was telling you about in the week!!

So maybe it was the bra that gave me my extra energy today, but it may also have had something to do with the cheesy music playing on my iPhone, Take That “It only takes a minute”, Queen “Don’t stop me now”, something by the Spice Girls, and “here comes the girls”, lame I know but cheese works for me.

What I do know is I will never go back to my double bra wearing days, and I can whole heartedly (see what I did there?) recommend the Active D bra from Shock Absorber – So many thanks for your kind gift!!

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