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I went back to Mile End parkrun today to tackle those deadly hills, you may remember this course was my first attempt at running after having over a year off and I only managed one lap that time.

The day started off great, I had new kit sent to me by online retailer Fashion World, the sun was shining and I was off to meet my mate Kathryn!!

Fashion World were one of the first companies to respond to my I need new kit posts. They are a branch of the UK’s leading direct home shopping company, offering a huge selection of clothing and other products for all ages and sizes. They say their clothes are designed to provide the best fit at the best value, and they are specialists in the area of larger size womenswear – up to a size 32 in fact. What is there not to like?


So what kit did they send me?

Well…I had a new sports bra on by energise it fitted great with no bulges, however the cups were a bit madonnaresque ie a little cone shaped, but in a fab nude colour it worked fantastically under a pink addidas vest I’ve had in the drawer for a while (although if truth be known the top doesn’t fit very well as it rides up and shows all my lumps and bumps)

My body star pants looked fab, they fit my legs and bum well and I liked the way they felt to the touch, my worry however was that there was no drawstring and they felt a little loose around the middle. At a size 18 these should have been snug, with a hidden support band around the tummy area…maybe I just needed them in a 16.

My body star jacket was the real star of the show though, fantastically designed in a cool grey colour with a lime green and blue trim and zip, with plenty of stretch and a hood it makes for a perfect cover up for before and after a run. I actually run the first lap in it to try and hide the pink top and my rolls of exposed flab, but gave up as it was making me a little hot and bothered and I took it off at the halfway stage.

20130615-122652.jpgAnyway, back to the run. We lined up had a bit of a briefing and then we were off. I was at the back of the pack but tried to keep a decent pace, running the hills when others had already started to walk…this is a great challenging course made extra special by the smiling volunteers and the fact you can see the faster runners on some of the hill sections (running the opposite way back of course)

I was having some trouble with my pants at this point they were falling down as I feared, so I kept having to pull them up…not an attractive look. But the running felt good. I was doing a bit of a dance with a tall black guy, he would overtake me, then me him…there were about 5 or 6 of us of similar speed so it felt like a communal effort.

And then…wooshh I’m falling over, my ankle twisting on the paths edge, flying through the air, hands out to break my fall, hips crashing on the Tarmac…but no real harm done. I got up checked I was ok and carried on. By this point I had been caught up and was now the back runner – well actually the lovely steward told me he was the back runner.

But as the last km or so approached I figured I still had something in the tank and I knew I could overtake on the downhill, so I pushed as hard as I could and managed to catch a few people up including my pal Kathryn. I knew she wouldn’t give up without a fight so I pushed right to the finish line…actually feeling sick as a result.

But it was worth it…I took a minute off my time from last week, and 9 minutes from my first completed parkrun since Rose was born. Another 5 minutes or so and I will back to my 2012 parkrun pb of 32 minutes flat. So all in all a great run, despite the fall and the trousers falling down. (a few extra stitches in the waist band may save them).

Finally, I was sent a 4th item by Fashion World, which I have fallen in love with..I actually have it on as we speak. Its a cowl neck slouch top made of the most lovely fabric…I would describe it as more of a yoga top than a running top, but actually I wore it after my bath with a pair of leggings, to meet my sister for lunch – and she agreed its lovely.

So thank you Fashion World, thank you Kathryn, and thank you Mile End parkrun…I will be back!!

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