I’m thinking perhaps I have fat ears, is that even possible I hear you ask.

Over the last month I have been testing the latest sports earphone offering, developed specifically for women a product so exciting that it featured on the back page of last months Womens Running mag. So being one of those girls that has to have the latest mod cons, I approached Yurbuds and asked if they would send me a pair…and they did, a bright green pair.

inspire_women_green_1When I first started running over 10 years ago I used the bog standard iPhone headphones to accompany me on my runs, but we all know how tangled these white beauties can get so I soon upgraded to a rigid pair which sat round the back of my head, I quite liked these but they soon got a bit grimy and I lost the rubber bits which protected your ear (making my inner ear quite sore) so I upgraded once again, this time opting for a pair with independent ear pieces which sat at the back of yourear but which had a clever little switch on the wire which allowed you to change your tracks, answer phone calls and adjust the volume. Perfect. That was until they fell apart in my hands minutes before leaving for a race in the spring, they were my most expensive pair at about £30 I think, but they lasted about 2 years of quite extensive use, including my London Marathon in 2012.

So there you have it, the total history of my headphone wearing life – 3 pairs in well over a decade, not bad hey?

So anyway, back to my Inspire Yurbuds – I took them out of the box and I simply loved the way they looked but was a bit baffled as to what else I could expect from them. What exactly is it that makes them so special?

  • Soft Medical Grade Silicone ear piece, for a comfortable fit – yes they are comfy, no sore earholes for me
  • Natural Fit with multiple sizes – 2 sizes in fact, the size which came attached seemed ok so I haven’t tried the other
  • Allows ambient sounds – I can’t say I noticed this, although I didn’t get run over by an ambulance on any of my runs which is progress
  • Sweat & Germ Resistant – hmmm I could feel sweat in my ears on my race on Sunday, but it was like the hottest day EVER, and germs?? how would I even test this?
  • Angled Flex Plug – I am guessing this is to protect the wire? ok I admit I don’t really know what this feature does. (anyone want to help me here?)
  • Durable 4 foot cord – If truth be told I could do with a 4.5 meter cord, but that’s only because my arse is so big…the cord has to travel some distance from my back pocket around my torso to my ears.

The main USP of this product is their “Guaranteed to never fall out” promise, and indeed they never fell out…but none of my earphones have ever fallen out – hence my initial statement, perhaps I just have fat ears, ears that hang on to anything I poke into them (just checking with my little finger…yep my ears definitely have a suck reflex)

I like my Yurbuds, I will continue to wear them…they looked fab against an orange run shirt I have, but am I completely bowled over…well no not really. I think my main gripe is they don’t have a neat little control button for me to flick through my tracks or adjust volume…I want it all, I’m a woman afterall!!!

Just noticed that Yurbuds do in fact do a range of earphones very similar to my last ones, you know the ones with the controls – but they are in a very suspicious red and black colour (hmmm, not for us ladies hey?)

But hey, if you love colour coordinating your earphones to your running outfits or have skinny ear holes and a real problem of repeat fall outs then go for it, they are the latest must have bit of sports kit, well if their full page advert on the back of the UKs leading running magazine for women is anything to go by.


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