Zaggora Hot Pants

I have been trialling Zaggora HotPants Capri 2.0, their most popular style and shape. The pants are made using Celu-Lite Technology™ a patent pending, multi-layer fabric technology that harnesses the body’s natural heat during exercise to help you burn more calories.

The first thing I discovered about my new zaggora pants, was they fit…in fact they fit perfectly giving me a great silhouette…and for someone who has just had a baby that is incredibly reassuring. They are high-waisted too, which means no muffin top, support for my jellybelly and no pulling then up all the time either.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to commit to the recommended 2 week challenge, my life is too up in the air at the moment and seeing as I started testing them in june, during juneathon…the test would be a little unfair anyway.

So instead I decided to test them whilst doing different exercises to see how they performed as a bit of kit.

Housework – I put them on first thing in the morning and kept them on all day whilst I tidied the flat. I hate housework so if nothing else my pants at least inspired me to clean up. My legs, bum and tum felt very warm and besides the swishing sound they make as your legs rub together they are very comfy to wear.

Spinning – Zaggora Pants are perfect for high intensity work out sessions such as spinning as they make you sweat, but the best thing I found out about my pants for this activity was that they acted like compression tights, supporting my aching legs…in fact come the next day my legs were not sore at all which is extraordinary considering the intensity of the exercise.

Running – My pants didn’t fall down at all during this 5k run which is a massive plus for me, but the swishing sound got on my nerves and I did suffer from a bit of chaffing where the seams met in my crutch (TMI??)

Body Conditioning – Its Official – These are the perfect work out pants for aerobics/circuit classes, they held me in so I didn’t wobble so much during the jumping jacks and they heated me up in all the right places, at one point whilst doing upper body stuff with weights I though “what’s that rolling down my leg” and you guessed it SWEAT. That has never happened in all my years of exercise!!

So the big question is do they deliver on their promise? Well the jury is still out for me – mainly because I haven’t managed to wear them enough to see a difference, but also because any results you do see are likely to be linked to other factors such as improved diet and an increase in exercising. But as a tool in your box of weightloss/fitness tricks, they are definitely worth a shot.

But some additional food for thought –

When leaving the gym this morning after Body Conditioning a lady said to me, “are they Zaggora pants?” and we struck up a conversation about their pros and cons.

She has gone from a size 22 to a 14, and she wears her pants everyday at the gym, shes actually on her second pair because the first pair are too large now – she thinks she wouldn’t have lost all the weight without them, but admits she has also completely changed her lifestyle so it’s not just the pants!! I’m glad I bumped into her though as she seems like a real convert and advocate for them.

I was thinking in the bath earlier that my pants would be perfect attire for a week at Bootcamp, especially if you committed to wearing them everyday. Then you could really measure their success.

I will continue to wear mine, probably not for running but for body conditioning which I hope to be able to commit to once a week alongside my running schedule.

But beware – These pants are not for the light-hearted, you end up with completely soggy knickers, damp smelly skin and you have to wash them by hand (in the shower and hung above the bath to dry seems to work for me)

I’d love to hear from anyone else who has tried them. And a massive thanks to Zaggora for letting me try them… I take it you don’t want them back now hey? Lolxx

5 Responses to “Zaggora Hot Pants”
  1. Elle says:

    I tried these recently and loved them 🙂
    I wrote a couple of posts here… and here…

    Came across your blog via the What I See project! Fab!

    Elle 🙂 #keepitsimpElle

  2. i’ve tried these as well. i ordered two pairs so that i could alternate when i wore them. i didn’t do the two week challenge either but i noticed the same as you. i like them but the sound is so annoying!!!! do you wear them with “regular” pants over them?

    • fattymustrun says:

      No I haven’t worn them with other pants over the top but it’s a great idea…I haven’t wore then for a while but may plan a session next week to reacquaint myself with them!!

  3. Kate says:

    I’ve had my hotpants now for 3 years and would play squash in them with jogging trousers over the top – the swishy noise started to really get on my nerves too! The damp knickers thing is a bit grim, but to be honest, I’d change them after showering anyway, so no loss (again, more info that you prob wanted ha ha).

    I haven’t seen that they are miracle knickers, but they must be doing something with all that sweat! 🙂

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