I am woman

To say I am busy at the moment is somewhat of an understatement. My daughter turned 1 this week, and despite the fact I have had all this time to get used to being a stay at home mum I seem to be busier than ever, and squeezing more and more in. Last night I … Continue reading

The Storm Before the Calm

So we arrived in Bournmouth a day early for bootcamp so that we can go out for a drink before it all kicks off. It made perfect sense when we booked. But with the hangover from hell, and not enough sleep I now realise how wrong I was. We are about to go and get … Continue reading

It’s all in the preparation

So my 10k is tomorrow morning, and really I should be sitting here confident that I have done everything in my power to prepare both my body and mind for this race, instead I am sitting here watching family fortunes and thinking about how much I would like to have a drink tonight. I will … Continue reading

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