You must lose your babyweight NOW….OK???

Yesterday I sat all teary eyed as Kate and Wills stepped out of those hospital doors with their adorable little prince. Now I’m not particularly a royalist. but as a new mum I am just completely smitten with my baby girl, and spent most of the last few days reminiscing about the arrival of my … Continue reading

Why are we so obsessed with weight

Today I have been for two weigh ins, one for me and one for Rose. For me queuing up with my red weightwatchers book I was hoping for a weightloss, and after a week of counting points, eating lots of zero foods, running and generally sitting less and moving more i have managed to lose … Continue reading

How to run with a baby

Despite the title of this blog I am not for a minute suggesting you strap your baby to your back (or front for that matter) and run, my little girl (Rose, Aged 3 Months) is such a little lump I struggle to carry her around the front room. But ive been thinking about how as … Continue reading

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