Head over to the new and improved site

If you have found yourself here nosing around the blog, please head over to http://www.toofattorun.co.uk where not only will you find all of the blogposts from the last 4 years but also loads of new running resources and ways to get involved in the campaign. Plus you will find the shop that sells a range … Continue reading

Fat women are lazy and discussting

No the final word in my title is not one of my typos, “discussting” is a word, well apparently it is if you are an ignorant, coward of an internet troll, one who takes the time to leave a comment on my blog. Over the years I have had a few rude messages left on … Continue reading

What does June have that May doesn’t?

No its not a joke…its Juneathon of course. What do you mean you don’t know what Juneathon is? Where have you been? Ok. Lets start at the beginning. I got involved in Juneathon this time last year fitting in perfectly to my goal of getting fit and losing some of my baby weight now that … Continue reading

Welcome to the Matrix

So I had a real Matrix moment today. I was sitting on the steps of Westfield Stratford soaking up the sun whilst enjoying my lunch and killing some time before my mums on the run session which I lead in the Olympic Park each Wednesday. I was watching the crowds buzzing around Stratford tube station … Continue reading

Apparently I “Scrub up well”

So last night was the much anticipated and eagerly awaited UK Blog Awards night, a classy red carpet affair in a Central London hotel where I would find out if my much loved (by me anyway) blog had won the coveted prize of being named Best Individual Health Blog. I had been quite nervous about … Continue reading

You are reading one of the UK’s top health blogs

And that is not me blowing my own trumpet it is a FACT, because as it stands The Fat Girls Guide to Running is in the (I was gonna say running), so lets instead say…is in with a chance of being named the UK’s No1 Health Blog in the UK Blog Awards at a snazzy … Continue reading

Are you a big FAT bore of a friend?

Apparently skinny women find that having a Fat friend can be a real bore, well that’s according to an article in The Mail newspaper today…whatever next? And who the hell are Angela and Bernadette anyway? According to this article having a Fat friend can be real hard work, what with having to tip toe around … Continue reading

Fitbug Orb Giveaway

I started this blog in September 2010 after deciding I was going to run a Marathon in 2012, my first ever post was called When will I learn and it was about coming dead last in a 10K race. This was my first ever attempt at blogging and I had no idea really what I … Continue reading

What kind of runner are you?

You know you are a runner when as soon as a news item about running makes its way into the mainstream media…everyone and their gran is telling you all about it, linking to it on Facebook or calling you up to ask if you saw it. At least it means people consider me a real … Continue reading

Do you wanna know why I blog??

I am in one of those frustrating hard to describe moods today where I don’t know how I feel, what I want to do…or even what I think about things. For example I have changed my mind twenty times at least today about whether to go for a run or not this evening, and I … Continue reading

I am writing a book

As everyone knows, the city of London on a Saturday morning is as empty as a marathon runners glucose store at mile 24 and with not even a sniff of last nights partying bankers, the sudden onset of winter and the bleak damp concrete around Bank had me feeling far from chirpy at 8.47 this … Continue reading

Juneathon Round Up

I am sitting here writing this on my phone whilst Rose is crying on the floor out of frustration (she’s learning to crawl…or not which is why she’s making such a fuss) You’d think after the past exhausting 30 days I would take a break today but no I decided to walk to the doctors … Continue reading

Does Sex Count as Exercise?

This morning lying in bed with a slight birthday hangover I thought to myself how can I get out of doing any structured exercise today? So I asked my twitter followers “does sex count as exercise as part of Juneathon and if so how much detail should one give in the subsequent blog” the consensus … Continue reading

Fatty Needs You!!

Well maybe you, maybe someone you know…or even someone on the other side of the world, you’ve never met in person but who knows your online you. I am recruiting, in search of fellow fatties to be specific, but fatties with a sense of challenge and of course a sense of humor. They will need … Continue reading

Am I doing this right?

So clearly this is my first attempt at writing an online blog and I most definitely do not know what I am doing. Here’s a question for you Is a blog a blog if nobody knows it’s there? Anyway, even if I never get a single person subscribing to my blog I will continue to … Continue reading

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