Training for a marathon does NOT make you thin

You would think that as a plus sized athlete (yep thats me) that by simply following a strict marathon training plan, which consisting of 4 run sessions a week, covering between 20 and 30 kilometres, including threshold, speed and long runs plus a weekly circuits class that the weight would simply drop off. This is … Continue reading

Why I overindulge at Xmas

I can not remember a single Xmas present I ever received as a child, not one and that’s not cos I was hard done by or got crap gifts its just that toys were not really the focus of our day. Mum always made a big deal at Christmas time to make it special and … Continue reading

Xmas is coming…

And I’m definitely not getting Fat…ter!!! A few weeks ago with exactly 12 weeks until Christmas Day, I launched “Fattys Xmas Weightloss Challenge” on my Facebook page with the aim of helping my followers lose a stone before the New Year, I was going to take part myself of course…and I am almost still on … Continue reading

To parkrun or NOT to parkrun

My alarm went off as normal at 8am and shortly after Rose woke up for a feed, so by the time my 8.15 reminder went off I could quite easily have stayed in bed. “I thought you were going parkrun” I heard from his side of the bed “Yeah, I was” came the answer, but … Continue reading

Mobility Scooters, Lavender Chocolate & A Cheeky Jamaican

So Friday is swimming day, well for Rose anyway, I just walk around the baby pool like a crab getting cramp and sing the odd nursery rhyme. But as discussed in a previous post I do normally walk the couple of miles there and back, but today I had to pop to the bank so … Continue reading

The Storm Before the Calm

So we arrived in Bournmouth a day early for bootcamp so that we can go out for a drink before it all kicks off. It made perfect sense when we booked. But with the hangover from hell, and not enough sleep I now realise how wrong I was. We are about to go and get … Continue reading

Malteasers: My dirty secret

I haven’t been bloggin much this week cos I have been so busy at work, I am running an Olympic conference in my borough next Wednesday and anything that could have gone wrong has so I have been running around like a nutter trying to sort everything out, I haven’t had a single night this … Continue reading

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