Me a plus size model?

A photographer from my local newspaper arrived last week to take some photographs of me in action for a story they wanted to run about my nomination for the UK Blog Awards. So the young trendy chap turns up with all his kit and as we walk round to a suitable location for the pics … Continue reading

What I see when I look in the Mirror

We never had a full length mirror in our house growing up, it’s probably just as well when I think of the hideous 70s and 80s get up I wore and although mum had a working camera back then most of the films lay undeveloped in a drawer somewhere, so when my siblings used their … Continue reading

Jeepers Creepers

How the hell does weight creep up on you so fast without you seeing it coming? In April I went shopping for a new suit, something I always dread. I hate formal clothes firstly cos they need considerable looking after ie dry cleaning, or at least ironing, and secondly cos it doesn’t matter what size … Continue reading

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