Why can’t I run away from my bad eating habits

I guess this is a call for help, a big fat shout out to anyone who can give me the advice, support or kick up the backside I need to get back on track with my eating. Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that despite the apparent … Continue reading

Juice…oh how I have missed you!!

Juice in our house growing up meant one thing…Orange or Lemon SQUASH!! I guess having 6 hungry mouths to feed on a low income meant that fresh juice was a bit of a luxury and something which we enjoyed only on rare occasions like Christmas, or in hotels on holiday. Wow I sound like I … Continue reading

What the hell are Chia seeds?

So lets get one thing straight. I am no expert when it comes to nutrition, I mean if I was I wouldn’t be overweight right? But I am not a complete food moron either and like a lot of overweight women I know the basics but I am just not great at being consistent with applying the … Continue reading

Being FAT is NO Joke

Why Fat is not Funny

I’ve had the title for this blog hanging around for a while, so seeing it is April Fools day why not use it hey? I remember a few years ago watching something on daytime TV about a new miracle weightloss product not realising it was April 1st. The feature showed a special cream that is put … Continue reading

New Year Resolutions

As we hurtle towards the end of this month, the first of this new year I thought it about time for me to look back on January 2014. Not only in terms of my progress but reflect also the whole concept of resolutions and how useful they are. I mean many of us make them each … Continue reading

Another start again Monday

So not only does today mark the start of another week, its also the start of a new month (well almost) so I had every intention of putting the crap of last week behind me…and believe you me there has been some crap – Biscuits, cakes, sweets, crisps, chips, ice creams and a whole heap … Continue reading

I hate water

There’s nothing worse than trying to advise people about their diet and you are faced with a long list of… “But I don’t like salad…or fruit…or fish…or grilled food” When I was in hospital just after my daughter was born, there was a young lady in a bay across from me who spent a whole … Continue reading

I am a weight watcher again

So I didn’t quite make Parkrun at the weekend, mainly cos I was knackered after a difficult night with my little Rose. But also cos I am a little scared of donning my running shoes again. I am over 2 and a half stone heavier than I was when I last run, and carting that … Continue reading

Malteasers: My dirty secret

I haven’t been bloggin much this week cos I have been so busy at work, I am running an Olympic conference in my borough next Wednesday and anything that could have gone wrong has so I have been running around like a nutter trying to sort everything out, I haven’t had a single night this … Continue reading

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