Why can’t I run away from my bad eating habits

I guess this is a call for help, a big fat shout out to anyone who can give me the advice, support or kick up the backside I need to get back on track with my eating. Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that despite the apparent … Continue reading

What does June have that May doesn’t?

No its not a joke…its Juneathon of course. What do you mean you don’t know what Juneathon is? Where have you been? Ok. Lets start at the beginning. I got involved in Juneathon this time last year fitting in perfectly to my goal of getting fit and losing some of my baby weight now that … Continue reading

How to end parkrun fear FOREVER!!

I have been doing parkrun since 2008 when a friend encouraged me to go to Wimbledon Common to take part, I didn’t realise at that point that there were ones closer to me, but it was worth the early morning schlep across town and signalled the start of a new way of spending my Saturday … Continue reading

Mothers Day Giveaway

I need your help. I really need your help. And I need it this weekend. I need your help to get my eBook “99 ways to run with a baby” to No.1 in the Amazon eBook sales…and in time for Mothers Day. It can be done, I just need YOU my loyal readers to help … Continue reading

The shocking truth about going Commando

With less than 12 days to go until my Brighton Marathon attempt I have a body that I am sure is throwing out phantom niggles and pains just despite me. So I am concentrating on eating well, hydrating and basically tapering without driving myself and everyone around me mad. Todays post therefore is an attempt to … Continue reading

New Year Resolutions

As we hurtle towards the end of this month, the first of this new year I thought it about time for me to look back on January 2014. Not only in terms of my progress but reflect also the whole concept of resolutions and how useful they are. I mean many of us make them each … Continue reading

Does being poor equal being obese?

So there are two bits of research on Obesity that I have come across today that have given me something to think about, whilst at the same time given me an excuse to post this picture of me and my siblings (oh plus a random cousin) and my mum. I am the one in the … Continue reading

A quicky

No not that kind. Chance would be a fine thing 🙂 What I mean is this will be a very brief blog. I got about 3 hours sleep last night as my daughter Rose was very unsettled. In part because she is out of routine due to the festivities and possibly because we moved her … Continue reading

Are you one of the UNSLIMMABLES

My weight has remained the same since the end of August, and despite running 2 half marathons recently and having a few days last week in Cornwall hiking, swimming and generally carting heavy stuff around I found out this morning at weight watchers that I have in fact put on half a pound. Ahhh it’s … Continue reading

Half a Bleedin Pound

I lost half a pound this week. Better than nothing I hear you say. And you would be right…however for me to get to my ideal weight of 12 and a half stone I calculate that this would take me 2 years and 8 weeks. In other words by 3rd October 2015. Seriously I can’t … Continue reading

Juneathon Round Up

I am sitting here writing this on my phone whilst Rose is crying on the floor out of frustration (she’s learning to crawl…or not which is why she’s making such a fuss) You’d think after the past exhausting 30 days I would take a break today but no I decided to walk to the doctors … Continue reading

They don’t call it houseWORK for nothing

Today I have been having a much-needed (slightly late) spring clean. My flat has been somewhat neglected in the last few weeks, I have daily battles where I say to myself washing up or cuddles with Rose? mop the floor or take Rose to baby massage? dusting or relaxing in the sun at the park? … Continue reading

When will I learn?

So I am sitting on the sofa in a sweaty mess wondering if I have the strength to get in the bath. I have just returned from a rather eventful 10k race in Victoria Park. Now I must have done about twenty or so of these races over the past few years but today’s was particularly painful. You … Continue reading

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