Fat women are lazy and discussting

No the final word in my title is not one of my typos, “discussting” is a word, well apparently it is if you are an ignorant, coward of an internet troll, one who takes the time to leave a comment on my blog. Over the years I have had a few rude messages left on … Continue reading

Screw YOU Doctor

I am so angry right now so apologies in advance for an almighty rant coming your way. I know I am a big girl right, and I know that being big comes with health complications which in many cases has an impact on NHS resources. However, I do not smoke, I do not drink (much, … Continue reading

Are you a big FAT bore of a friend?

Apparently skinny women find that having a Fat friend can be a real bore, well that’s according to an article in The Mail newspaper today…whatever next? And who the hell are Angela and Bernadette anyway? According to this article having a Fat friend can be real hard work, what with having to tip toe around … Continue reading

Let’s Mock the Fat Bird

Being laughed at as a fat girl is not nice, but it is something that many of us have experienced and maybe even just got used to. It can be a blatant in your face attack, or maybe something more subtle with accompanying whispers and pointing but either way it can be crushing. When I … Continue reading

Fattys Debut on UK TV

So as I sat there last week with afternoon tea and biscuits and my daughter busy having her afternoon nap, I saw the cutest feature on daytime TV, an oh so sweet makeover on the Alan Titchmarsh show of an elderly couple who had been married like forever…ahhh bless, and they did such a great … Continue reading


There is not a better word to describe how I feel right now. I am a little under the influence after running around Central london with 1000 other revellers but the sentiment is just the same. On the way home from a fun filled day out dressed as Santa in Central London, we pilled into … Continue reading

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