Why can’t I run away from my bad eating habits

I guess this is a call for help, a big fat shout out to anyone who can give me the advice, support or kick up the backside I need to get back on track with my eating. Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that despite the apparent … Continue reading

What kind of runner are you?

Last year the BBC published a list of the 10 different types of runners there are, unfortunately the only reference to women of size was the use of running for weight-loss, I mean its impossible to think that us larger ladies simply just like running for the sake of it, with or without the weight-loss. Here is … Continue reading

The secret to being a PROPER runner!!

So the secret to being a proper runner is…. Wait for it…. Listen in… …If you run, if you move your feet one after the other faster than walking pace and with a little bit of space between your trainers and the floor…guess what?? YOU ARE ALREADY A PROPER RUNNER There is no secret, well … Continue reading

Are you Pregnant…or just FAT?

Would you like my seat? How far along are you my dear? You are simply blooming!! When is it due? These are simply THE worst comments a FAT woman can hear when she’s not actually pregnant. And I can’t count the number of times it’s been said to me over the years, and every time … Continue reading

Are you a big FAT bore of a friend?

Apparently skinny women find that having a Fat friend can be a real bore, well that’s according to an article in The Mail newspaper today…whatever next? And who the hell are Angela and Bernadette anyway? According to this article having a Fat friend can be real hard work, what with having to tip toe around … Continue reading

Why is Fat such a swear word these days?

If I called you Fat to your face you’d be offended right? And equally so if I called you it behind your back. What if I used it as a non judgemental, unloaded form of description? Is it ok then? I just want to get things clear in my mind about what is acceptable and … Continue reading

Can I call you a Fat Bitch?

I need your help guys. Over the last few months a number of people have said to me after hearing about my blog, “oh you should read that book, you know “Run Fat Bitch Run”, and I figured that perhaps I should as it seems we have a shared interest. So I picked it up … Continue reading

I’m back

So my last post was back in August, when I disclosed the news that I was pregnant. My last running experience was a short 3 miles which left me dizzy and out of breath, which considering I had ran the London Marathon a few weeks before was very odd, so odd I guessed that something … Continue reading

When did it all begin

I can’t remember the first time I ever ran, or come to think of it running in general in terms of my childhood or adolescence, maybe that’s why I got fat in the first place. I danced as a kid, just can’t recall running…I’m sure I ran to the sweet shop from time to time … Continue reading

When will I learn?

So I am sitting on the sofa in a sweaty mess wondering if I have the strength to get in the bath. I have just returned from a rather eventful 10k race in Victoria Park. Now I must have done about twenty or so of these races over the past few years but today’s was particularly painful. You … Continue reading

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