The Lisbon Rock n Roll Half Marathon

I have always fancied a race with a dramatic bridge crossing, but nothing prepared me for the pure spectacle that today’s race provided. My friend and fellow fattymustrun recruit Mary warned me that the organisation for this run would be super, as the Portuguese are great at these things apparently, and when we went to … Continue reading

Introducing Tina

So last month I told you about the fabulous and inspirational Jen, one of my 16 fattymustrun marathon challenge recruits, and today I thought it was about time I introduced you to another one of my amazing ladies Tina AKA “therunningranny” I am picking on her this month as she kept asking on twitter “who’s … Continue reading

The Fattymustrun Marathon Challenge is up and Running (excuse the pun)

I have selected my 15 girls, the 15 ladies who have bravely agreed to come on a 12 month journey with me to train for a Spring Marathon…they must be as mad as me!! So who do we have? Amanda, 34 from Ohio USA with a BMI of 37Amber, 29 Colorado USA with a BMI … Continue reading

How to cope with rejection?

We all know that feeling of being picked last in PE, or that “thanks but no thanks” job application response…it’s not nice. Those feelings of rejection can really stay with you and for some people it cements a feeling they have deep inside that they are not good enough. When I was 10 all I … Continue reading

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