Do you need a running buddy?

One of the biggest fears for new runners (and particularly overweight and unfit runners) is the thought of running with someone else. Having someone else witness my red face, my inability to breath properly, having to walk every few minutes – oh the shame!! Nope. It’s easier to just go out alone. Well that’s how … Continue reading

How to end parkrun fear FOREVER!!

I have been doing parkrun since 2008 when a friend encouraged me to go to Wimbledon Common to take part, I didn’t realise at that point that there were ones closer to me, but it was worth the early morning schlep across town and signalled the start of a new way of spending my Saturday … Continue reading

How to deal with little shits

And by little shits I mean children you encounter on you runs, so called children who do things as hurtful as their adult counterparts, hurtful things such as name calling, pointing, mimicking and even throwing things. When I was at college I was sitting round a friends house just chillin when we heard an almighty … Continue reading

Who says FAT girl can’t run track?

I had an email yesterday from a 16 year old girl who was looking for some running advice. She told me that she weighs close to 300lbs and her biggest ambition is to run track. Now from this I gathered she is from the states, because here in the UK we don’t really use that … Continue reading

Are you scared of your own Greatness??

Last night I spent the evening in the company of some truly amazing women when I attended the official launch of the What I See Project, an innovative online venture founded by Edwina Dunn one half of the husband and wife team behind the hugely successful TescoClubCard scheme. There were perhaps 200 women or so at the … Continue reading

The Calm Before the Storm

So really I should be writing here all about how my months of training and positive mental attitude have prepared me for Sundays half marathon…but as we know I’ve hardly done any training and I am not particularly in a very positive frame of mind about it either. I suppose I sound a bit flippant, … Continue reading

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