Do you need a running buddy?

One of the biggest fears for new runners (and particularly overweight and unfit runners) is the thought of running with someone else. Having someone else witness my red face, my inability to breath properly, having to walk every few minutes – oh the shame!! Nope. It’s easier to just go out alone. Well that’s how … Continue reading

Are you a big FAT bore of a friend?

Apparently skinny women find that having a Fat friend can be a real bore, well that’s according to an article in The Mail newspaper today…whatever next? And who the hell are Angela and Bernadette anyway? According to this article having a Fat friend can be real hard work, what with having to tip toe around … Continue reading

October in Paris 2009

Here is a Blog post I wrote about this time last year on the forum of a weightless camp I attended. It makes me smile every time I ready it, and also reminds me of how fit I was back then. I have to get back in shape, and stop making excuses. So here goes… … Continue reading

Peer Pressure

Now I’ve always thought of myself as someone who has their own mind, someone who isn’t easily swayed by others, but the more I think about it the more I accept that actually I often succum to peer pressure of one form or another. I’m not a smoker, but I did experiement with smoking in … Continue reading

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