Top 10 tips for choosing your first race

Running races is an integral part of being a runner, that’s not to say you have to run them but they are a great motivator. If I hadn’t of entered that 3k fun run all those years ago I may never have discovered my love of running and I would never have continued to up … Continue reading

Runner of the Month – Sue Lenton

Name Sue Lenton Age 52 Where do you live? Sidcup BMI and/or Dress Size I don’t like being defined by a number but BMI is 30. When did you start running and why? I started running at age 50, I wanted to find a form of exercise I enjoyed. In October 2011 I was 21 … Continue reading

Run Hackney 2014

Half marathons are few and far between in good old London Town and that is for a number of reasons, but in part because logistically it is very complex and expensive to close off roads in the city that pretty much doesn’t sleep. But during the London 2012 Olympic games a lot of boroughs learnt … Continue reading

Southend Half Marathon 2014

I have always said that anything longer than a half marathon or bigger is worth travelling for, and anything shorter than that hardly seems worth the hassle. Southend is only an hours drive from me in East London but we still decided to make it a bit of a road trip, we being myself, and … Continue reading

What does June have that May doesn’t?

No its not a joke…its Juneathon of course. What do you mean you don’t know what Juneathon is? Where have you been? Ok. Lets start at the beginning. I got involved in Juneathon this time last year fitting in perfectly to my goal of getting fit and losing some of my baby weight now that … Continue reading

Why you should always run your local Half Marathon

So the half marathon is my absolute favourite distance when it comes to races and today I have been tallying up just how many half marathons I have done over the years, and in fact it is less than I thought. A grand total of 9 (unless I have forgotten some) Run to the Beat x … Continue reading

Think I may have become a Marathon Addict overnight

Today I have finally accepted the truth that I am an official, 100% certified Marathon Nut, alongside the millions of other marathon running nutters out there. I was reluctant at first to accept this problem as it is hard to say you are a Marathon Addict after doing just one marathon, but now I have … Continue reading

The Lisbon Rock n Roll Half Marathon

I have always fancied a race with a dramatic bridge crossing, but nothing prepared me for the pure spectacle that today’s race provided. My friend and fellow fattymustrun recruit Mary warned me that the organisation for this run would be super, as the Portuguese are great at these things apparently, and when we went to … Continue reading

Richmond Running Festival

The problem with entering a new race, as in the first year of a race is that not only do you not know what to expect but neither does anyone else. The route, the atmosphere, the field, the organisation… so many unknowns. Richmond Running Festival was one of those inaugural races, well three actually, the … Continue reading

Run to the Beat – 2013

I am really going to try not to moan about the logistics of this race, or the new route which I hated, cos if I focused on that it would be hard to see the positives that have come from today. So a bit of background. I have done RuntotheBeat 3 times before, in 2009, … Continue reading

Another start again Monday

So not only does today mark the start of another week, its also the start of a new month (well almost) so I had every intention of putting the crap of last week behind me…and believe you me there has been some crap – Biscuits, cakes, sweets, crisps, chips, ice creams and a whole heap … Continue reading

Why am I so deluded?

When I initially found out I was pregnant with Rose, like most women on their first pregnancies I went in to a bit of a panic at the thought of how much weight I might put on. It didn’t help that I had just spent over a year dieting and training for my first marathon, … Continue reading

The walk of pride

This is just a quicky So we’ve all done the walk of shame right? 2.30pm on a Saturday afternoon making your way home on the tube in last nights clothes (or a taxi if your not tight like me), head down trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Well the walk of pride is … Continue reading

Why Fatty Must Run

When people ask me about my blog they often make a funny face when I say its called “The Fat Girls Guide to Running”, and in particular people tend to find my fattymustrun nickname a bit distasteful. The look kinda says don’t be so hard on yourself, well I didn’t like to say or wow … Continue reading

I love my running club

I have been running on and (mostly) off since 2005…but never have I felt more like a runner. With my London Marathon fast approaching I decided I need to take drastic measures, I signed up to my local running club…the East London Runners!!!! And I have fallen in love!! I have taken part in a … Continue reading

Fatty done good

I did it I ran a half marathon, and I mean I really ran it. All my fears about my legs giving way, collapsing from exhaustion, not being able to breath were not realized. I had a race that had very few dramas in fact, must be a first. My day didn’t start too well, … Continue reading

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