Why can’t I run away from my bad eating habits

I guess this is a call for help, a big fat shout out to anyone who can give me the advice, support or kick up the backside I need to get back on track with my eating. Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that despite the apparent … Continue reading

Rewarding myself with Goodness

So over the last few days I have given myself a real good talking to and made a commitment to really address my recent bad eating. I am putting a stop to the sabotage that I often resort to in an effort to improve my running and reach my weightloss goals. I am no longer … Continue reading

Are you one of the UNSLIMMABLES

My weight has remained the same since the end of August, and despite running 2 half marathons recently and having a few days last week in Cornwall hiking, swimming and generally carting heavy stuff around I found out this morning at weight watchers that I have in fact put on half a pound. Ahhh it’s … Continue reading

Half a Bleedin Pound

I lost half a pound this week. Better than nothing I hear you say. And you would be right…however for me to get to my ideal weight of 12 and a half stone I calculate that this would take me 2 years and 8 weeks. In other words by 3rd October 2015. Seriously I can’t … Continue reading

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