Fattys Debut on UK TV

So as I sat there last week with afternoon tea and biscuits and my daughter busy having her afternoon nap, I saw the cutest feature on daytime TV, an oh so sweet makeover on the Alan Titchmarsh show of an elderly couple who had been married like forever…ahhh bless, and they did such a great … Continue reading

#FMRMC girl Holley leads the way

In May last year I got this crazy idea that if I could motivate myself as an overweight girl to run a marathon, perhaps I could motivate other overweight ladies to run their first marathon. So I put out a call on the internet I NEED FATTIES and low and behold they came. That was where … Continue reading

Do you wanna know why I blog??

I am in one of those frustrating hard to describe moods today where I don’t know how I feel, what I want to do…or even what I think about things. For example I have changed my mind twenty times at least today about whether to go for a run or not this evening, and I … Continue reading

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