And I’m already knackered

So tired today. Couldn’t bring myself to do anything structured so instead just did a bit of upper body stuff with my 8kg Kettlebell. The strength in my arms is almost laughable so am considering buying a pull up bar thingy to add to my indoor gym. If I have any hope of doing monkey … Continue reading

Up bright and early with the Mosquitos

Monday morning and the alarm went off at 7.30, I don’t hurt too bad from yesterday’s session but I am generally quite tired. I met a client who lives in my apartment complex for her weekly PT session. Last week we worked on her running technique in the underground carpark but with no sign of … Continue reading

Goal Posts and Madras

Wow, wow, wow. What a way to kick start Juneathon. Today I headed over to South London to meet up with my fellow team mates from our Tough Mudder collective AKS Beast Mode On. The fact that most of these guys work in a gym or in leisure jobs of some sort does not bode … Continue reading

Cars and Kettlebells

I have a car. I don’t drive it that often, but it is a useful asset to family life. It is however a bit of a pain in the backside sometimes, and I often wonder if it is worth the expense or the hassle to keep it on the road. Today for example I have spent most of … Continue reading

Day 5 – I don’t want to peak too soon

I had a bit of a lay in today. No thats not exactly true. What happened was I got up early sorted Rose out, had a healthy breakfast, made a start on my todo list of housework and then thought stuff this and went back to bed. My other half was happy enough having a … Continue reading

Juneathon Round Up

I am sitting here writing this on my phone whilst Rose is crying on the floor out of frustration (she’s learning to crawl…or not which is why she’s making such a fuss) You’d think after the past exhausting 30 days I would take a break today but no I decided to walk to the doctors … Continue reading

So much pressure

Wow…who would have thought jotting my progress down, and uploading it for an online community to scrutinize would be so stressful. Now that I’ve started I have to keep it up. Perhaps my week at bootcamp was a bit of a highlight thus far, then came the slump/meltdown… so probably need to up my game … Continue reading

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