Top 10 tips for choosing your first race

Running races is an integral part of being a runner, that’s not to say you have to run them but they are a great motivator. If I hadn’t of entered that 3k fun run all those years ago I may never have discovered my love of running and I would never have continued to up … Continue reading

Where do trainers go when they die?

There comes a time in the life of all running shoes when you look at them fondly in the hallway where you dumped them knowing deep down that the end is imminent. They don’t stand proud like they used to, they are lean on one side, the white bits all grey and the flashy bright … Continue reading

Think I may have become a Marathon Addict overnight

Today I have finally accepted the truth that I am an official, 100% certified Marathon Nut, alongside the millions of other marathon running nutters out there. I was reluctant at first to accept this problem as it is hard to say you are a Marathon Addict after doing just one marathon, but now I have … Continue reading

99 Ways to run with a baby

At a guess I would imagine the average first time marathoner is in their late twenties? maybe its even later in life that desire to run long takes a hold. My daughter however first made her way round the iconic London Marathon route at only 5 weeks, no not 5 weeks old…5 weeks in gestation. … Continue reading

A Mathematics Class

I have never been any good at maths, I even failed my maths GCSE at school…twice in fact. I had to re-sit my exams while at college to try and get the C all the teachers tell you that you must have to succeed in life, but alas only got another D so in the … Continue reading

Thank You

Don’t worry this is not a soppy thank you post to all my followers, who without their support this blog would not be what it is…nope it is not that kinda post at all….although I should say a very quick thanks to you lot too – cheers!!! Nope…This post is a THANK YOU to my … Continue reading

What kind of runner are you?

You know you are a runner when as soon as a news item about running makes its way into the mainstream media…everyone and their gran is telling you all about it, linking to it on Facebook or calling you up to ask if you saw it. At least it means people consider me a real … Continue reading

My Perfect Weight

I simply love getting something for nothing, something I didn’t have to pay for…something Free!!! So I was delighted to discover a new pop up bookshop in my local shopping centre where you can pick up 3 books each time you visit at no cost. The shop is run by local volunteers and part of … Continue reading

Introducing Gemma

Of course I have no favorites in my Fattymustrun Marathon Challenge Recruits , however I think I am secretly most proud of Gemma, and here is why. In the first month of the challenge she was carted off to hospital to have her appendix taken out, and if truth be known I didn’t think she … Continue reading

The Ultimate Marathon Bucket List

Whoever would have thought I would write such a thing. It was only 18months ago that I signed up to my first marathon with a niggling worry in the back of my mind that I would never complete it. But I did…and you would think that would’ve been the end of the whole matter. You … Continue reading

The unsung heroes of today

The alarm went off at 6.45 and I crept out of the house much like I did this time last year. As I headed towards the DLR I spotted a few determined looking souls with their give away red bags…that was me last year making my way to blackheath. This year my destination was poplar … Continue reading

What do you mean you could never do the Marathon?

Now I am not for a minute saying that running 26.2 miles is easy, its not. But I can assure you that 99% of the people who say to me “Oh my gosh I could never run a marathon” well they could. Its all about attitude If you can stand on your feet all day, … Continue reading

My London Marathon attempt from 2012

My alarm went off with a start at 5.45, and it was only a matter of seconds before I remembered why I was up so early. I turned to find my bed empty as my other half had decided to sleep on the couch as not to wake or disturb me during the night. I’d … Continue reading

Don’t give me a get out clause

I remember the first time I ever pulled a fast one to get out of running. It was back in the 90s, my year 9 school sports day. I was running a 3000 meter race (I think), at Terrance Macmillan Stadium, I’d done no training (what’s new), it was hurting, I was struggling at the … Continue reading

Why Fatty Must Run

When people ask me about my blog they often make a funny face when I say its called “The Fat Girls Guide to Running”, and in particular people tend to find my fattymustrun nickname a bit distasteful. The look kinda says don’t be so hard on yourself, well I didn’t like to say or wow … Continue reading

I love my running club

I have been running on and (mostly) off since 2005…but never have I felt more like a runner. With my London Marathon fast approaching I decided I need to take drastic measures, I signed up to my local running club…the East London Runners!!!! And I have fallen in love!! I have taken part in a … Continue reading

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