Run Hackney 2014

Half marathons are few and far between in good old London Town and that is for a number of reasons, but in part because logistically it is very complex and expensive to close off roads in the city that pretty much doesn’t sleep. But during the London 2012 Olympic games a lot of boroughs learnt … Continue reading

Xmas is coming…

And I’m definitely not getting Fat…ter!!! A few weeks ago with exactly 12 weeks until Christmas Day, I launched “Fattys Xmas Weightloss Challenge” on my Facebook page with the aim of helping my followers lose a stone before the New Year, I was going to take part myself of course…and I am almost still on … Continue reading

One Big Fat Run Review

Last Sunday overweight women and a few men too, from all over the land got up, put their trainers on and completed a 5K run. As part of the inaugural BigFatRun a FREE virtual 5k run for overweight runners we saw loads of overweight (and some not so overweight) runners tackling a 5k route of … Continue reading

Why don’t you just get lost?

When I was little my mum had quite a laid back approach to keeping an eye on us during the long summer holidays. We were allowed out to play, until we got hungry and could pretty much go as far as our little legs could carry us, and although we got into a few scrapes … Continue reading

Back to the Stadium

Long before I became Mummy Ju to Baby Rose back in January this year I actually had a very different type of job, a full time job which was equally as time consuming, stressful and demanding, but for completely different reasons. I spent the last 8 jammed packed years working towards the London 2012 Olympic … Continue reading

Lee Valley 10K

On the hottest Sunday in July (well for as long as I can remember) whilst most people were just waking up and thinking about where to go to max and relax in the sun, I was on my way to run in a 10k race. “What’s wrong with you?” is what my sister politely asked … Continue reading

I am an East London (parkrun) Runner

I was so exhausted after yesterdays Juneathon exercise I didn’t manage to blog, so here goes!! I was up at 7am getting Rose ready to be dropped off to my sisters for the day, her first full day without me and then I was off to Walthamstow for the start of the longest parkrun. The … Continue reading

A Pretty, Shitty, City

I have been dreading my run all day. This morning I slept in until…get this…12.15pm, and woke up to find I could barely walk, my calves were so tight (probably from all those stairs yesterday), and seeing as my partner had sorted out the kids for half of the day I felt like I was … Continue reading

Still not a proper runner

So today I was launching an Olympic Gardening project to mark 100 days to go until the start of London 2012 and I just so happened to mention I was doing the London Marathon to a group of local politicians from the authority I work for, 2 of them were very impressed and wished me … Continue reading

It could be YOU!!!!!

Yesterday I, along with 5000+ other lucky individuals got the chance to be the first to cross the finish line in the London 2012 Olympic Stadium, when we took part in the National Lottery’s Olympic Park Race. Now I have seen the Olympic Park numerous times before, (Due to my job) I must have been … Continue reading

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