Why don’t you just get lost?

When I was little my mum had quite a laid back approach to keeping an eye on us during the long summer holidays. We were allowed out to play, until we got hungry and could pretty much go as far as our little legs could carry us, and although we got into a few scrapes … Continue reading

The OUTRAGEOUS 10K that I almost forgot about

So I have been trying to pull together a chronological list of races I have participated in over the years and I have just realised the single most funniest 10K experience I have had has never been written about. My two besties will kill me for exposing them..but girls it has to be done, after … Continue reading

The walk of pride

This is just a quicky So we’ve all done the walk of shame right? 2.30pm on a Saturday afternoon making your way home on the tube in last nights clothes (or a taxi if your not tight like me), head down trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Well the walk of pride is … Continue reading

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