Up bright and early with the Mosquitos

Monday morning and the alarm went off at 7.30, I don’t hurt too bad from yesterday’s session but I am generally quite tired. I met a client who lives in my apartment complex for her weekly PT session. Last week we worked on her running technique in the underground carpark but with no sign of … Continue reading

Why crying on national TV is not a good look

“Do you want to feature on Channel Four as part of the coverage of the Brighton Marathon” the producer said? Wow, “Yes, what a great opportunity” I said. “Make sure you know what message you want to get across and stick to it” a media guru friend of mine said. “No problem, I know exactly … Continue reading

Brighton Marathon 2014

At 7am yesterday morning I made the mile and a bit journeyuphill through Brighton to Preston Park for the start of the Brighton Marathon 2014. The streets were empty bar a few stragglers from the previous evenings festivities, the only sound was the seagulls which had kept me awake for most of the night. I … Continue reading

Me and my DODGY knees

I am FAT and I RUN so it’s hardly surprising that I have knee pain right? Cos everyone knows that running seriously takes its toll on the knee joints particularly if you are overweight, have bad form or crap trainers. So considering my weight and the amount of running I have done over the past … Continue reading

I want a medal just for getting up

So for the last 3 weeks I’ve been saying “right tomorrow I’m gonna get up and do Parkrun” and every Saturday morning I’ve rolled back over in bed and not gone. But something has to shift Rose is 8 weeks old and not only can I not fit into any of my pre pregnancy clothes, … Continue reading

I can’t stop crying

Ever heard the expression “it will either make you or break you?” Well I can’t quite make up my mind which way this bootcamp might go, as it’s been a day of real highs and lows. We started off with a blue team early morning run along the promenade we stopped a few times to … Continue reading

What I know about me

Bootcamps are a great way of finding out stuff about yourself that either you didn’t already know, or things you’d long forgotten about, stuff that you haven’t had to think about since PE at school. So we sat in the lounge of the hotel at 4pm, all looking around the room nervously, checking each other … Continue reading

October in Paris 2009

Here is a Blog post I wrote about this time last year on the forum of a weightless camp I attended. It makes me smile every time I ready it, and also reminds me of how fit I was back then. I have to get back in shape, and stop making excuses. So here goes… … Continue reading

The wasp that saved my day

I had a terrible feeling this morning when my alarm went off, I felt really nervous…well sick is a more acurate description. I made my way to Enfield anyway with plenty of time to spare. There was a 3K fun run taking place, and I watched as loads of kids come wizzing past the finish … Continue reading


Well…there’s a tube strike in London today, perfect excuse to cycle into work I hear you say, only problem being my legs hurt like hell. Not just a little muscle soreness, I think the technical term is Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness…and it never fails to impress me. Just when you think the pain is … Continue reading

Muscle Pain

I feel fine when I am lying or sitting down, and fine when I am standing…but its those moments inbetween that are proving quite painful. Going to the toilet is the worst, I might have to conscider wearing a nappy for the next few days until the pain subsides. I of course say all of … Continue reading

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