A 10K Comedy of Errors

I was going to call this post “How NOT to run a 10K” but on reflection the running bit was reasonably easy…well for me at least. I mean I must have run thirty or forty of them over the years. In November last year I published my first ebook 10K a simple 10 week training … Continue reading

I am woman

To say I am busy at the moment is somewhat of an understatement. My daughter turned 1 this week, and despite the fact I have had all this time to get used to being a stay at home mum I seem to be busier than ever, and squeezing more and more in. Last night I … Continue reading

Perfect Parkrun

My times have not come through yet but I know I did a PB today simply because I was trying a new course. What I didn’t expect to do though was go sub 34 – Something I haven’t done since early 2012. My home run is Wanstead Flats, but it is ridiculously muddy at the … Continue reading

To parkrun or NOT to parkrun

My alarm went off as normal at 8am and shortly after Rose woke up for a feed, so by the time my 8.15 reminder went off I could quite easily have stayed in bed. “I thought you were going parkrun” I heard from his side of the bed “Yeah, I was” came the answer, but … Continue reading

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