Training for a marathon does NOT make you thin

You would think that as a plus sized athlete (yep thats me) that by simply following a strict marathon training plan, which consisting of 4 run sessions a week, covering between 20 and 30 kilometres, including threshold, speed and long runs plus a weekly circuits class that the weight would simply drop off. This is … Continue reading

Why I chose to run a marathon

When you are Fat life is full of things you can’t do… You can’t buy cake without feeling like people are judging you You often can’t touch your toes You can’t find a decent pair of jeans to fit You can’t squeeze through a crowd to get to the bar too easily You can’t fit … Continue reading

Are you scared of your own Greatness??

Last night I spent the evening in the company of some truly amazing women when I attended the official launch of the What I See Project, an innovative online venture founded by Edwina Dunn one half of the husband and wife team behind the hugely successful TescoClubCard scheme. There were perhaps 200 women or so at the … Continue reading

What the hell is a VIRTUAL run?

The term Virtuality means the quality of having attributes of something without sharing its real or imagined physical form…however in the case of virtual running I think perhaps this is a little misleading, I mean you do have to run ultimately and that is kinda physical…like really!! Virtual running is not a completely new concept…who … Continue reading

Are you one of the UNSLIMMABLES

My weight has remained the same since the end of August, and despite running 2 half marathons recently and having a few days last week in Cornwall hiking, swimming and generally carting heavy stuff around I found out this morning at weight watchers that I have in fact put on half a pound. Ahhh it’s … Continue reading

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