The Zen of Getting Drenched!!

Rain, rain go away come again another day. That is the song I found myself singing to my daughter over this bank holiday weekend as the weather put a stop to some of the fun activities we had planned. There’s one thing for me to head out into the rain for hours on end but … Continue reading

Even a storm couldn’t stop me running

So the UK is in the grip of a storm frenzy, although as I sit here in the warmth of my flat I can’t see much of a storm happening outside my window, it looks a little damp but there is a glimpse of sunshine still. The storm apparently kicked off yesterday and there have … Continue reading

What I think about when I’m Running

When I tell people that I run, and in particular that I run long distances they often say, “wow…what do you think about for all that time?” because for me your talking over an hour for 10k, close to 3 hours for a half and just under 6 for a full marathon – and that … Continue reading

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