Mum on the Run

So I’m sitting here 20,000 feet up in the air somewhere over the skies of Spain and I’ve just remembered the thing I knew I would forget, well I didn’t know exactly what it would be that I would forget but I knew it would be something, it always is. Despite the fact I have … Continue reading

What the hell is a VIRTUAL run?

The term Virtuality means the quality of having attributes of something without sharing its real or imagined physical form…however in the case of virtual running I think perhaps this is a little misleading, I mean you do have to run ultimately and that is kinda physical…like really!! Virtual running is not a completely new concept…who … Continue reading

Fatty done good

I did it I ran a half marathon, and I mean I really ran it. All my fears about my legs giving way, collapsing from exhaustion, not being able to breath were not realized. I had a race that had very few dramas in fact, must be a first. My day didn’t start too well, … Continue reading

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