Top 10 tips for choosing your first race

Running races is an integral part of being a runner, that’s not to say you have to run them but they are a great motivator. If I hadn’t of entered that 3k fun run all those years ago I may never have discovered my love of running and I would never have continued to up … Continue reading

The walk of pride

This is just a quicky So we’ve all done the walk of shame right? 2.30pm on a Saturday afternoon making your way home on the tube in last nights clothes (or a taxi if your not tight like me), head down trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Well the walk of pride is … Continue reading

My London Marathon attempt from 2012

My alarm went off with a start at 5.45, and it was only a matter of seconds before I remembered why I was up so early. I turned to find my bed empty as my other half had decided to sleep on the couch as not to wake or disturb me during the night. I’d … Continue reading

Muscle Pain

I feel fine when I am lying or sitting down, and fine when I am standing…but its those moments inbetween that are proving quite painful. Going to the toilet is the worst, I might have to conscider wearing a nappy for the next few days until the pain subsides. I of course say all of … Continue reading

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