The Zen of Getting Drenched!!

Rain, rain go away come again another day. That is the song I found myself singing to my daughter over this bank holiday weekend as the weather put a stop to some of the fun activities we had planned. There’s one thing for me to head out into the rain for hours on end but … Continue reading

Why EVEN you should get proper trainers fitted (Part 2)

So if you remember a few posts back I told you all about the process of going for GAIT analysis and Sweatshop sorting me out with a pair of shiny new running shoes in exchange for a review of the process. Well I decided to break the blog post up into two parts because the … Continue reading

A list of excuses

Whoever said there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing choices was wrong. This morning was definitely filled with bad weather. The alarm went off at 7.45 but I needn’t of bothered setting it as Rose had me up at 40 minute intervals through the night anyway. There lies excuse no 1 … Continue reading

I don’t like running fast

When I say fast, I mean anything more sprightly than a jog, but wait…I don’t like the term “jogging” so what am I trying to say? I didn’t actually want to run tonight. I haven’t been out for a run since last week Wednesday because of bad knee and childcare issues, so I should have … Continue reading

What I think about when I’m Running

When I tell people that I run, and in particular that I run long distances they often say, “wow…what do you think about for all that time?” because for me your talking over an hour for 10k, close to 3 hours for a half and just under 6 for a full marathon – and that … Continue reading

An unexpected run

What with the bank holiday on Monday just gone, track night was cancelled and I haven’t quite managed to get out the door for a run this week. So today I decided I would walk to the doctors with Rose (for her immunisations) rather than drive. It was sunny when I left out for the … Continue reading

Fatty must swim too!

I always considered myself to be a strong swimmer, until today that is. So after a night of heavy drinking and about four hours sleep, I made my way to London Fields Lido for week 1 of my outdoor swimming course. Once again my preparation and attention to detail have let me down, and once … Continue reading

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