Why inspiration is a funny thing

I love watching athletics, I always have. Even before I got into running I found it therapeutic to just veg out on the sofa and watch athletes at their peak competing for medals and world records, but funnily enough it never inspired me to get off my arse and start running myself, which I am sure is … Continue reading

Two’s Company Three is Allowed

When I first started running I only ever ran by myself, in part because nobody I knew ran but also I was scared that I would embarrass myself or slow others down. Bit by bit I have turned this right around and I can often be found running with others. I frequently run with Don … Continue reading

Getting past the first 30 seconds

I follow a few thousand people on twitter, many of whom are runners of some description and I often see statements which make me raise an eyebrow, or wind me up slightly but I accept that this is part and parcel of this particular social media channel, so on the whole if someone really irritates … Continue reading

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