Fast versus Fun…the “Proper Runner” saga continues.

Ok so firstly let’s get one thing straight, the twitter debate last weekend between myself and Jason Henderson (editor or Athletics Weekly) was nothing at all to do with the concept of “Fun” runners, that is not a term you will ever hear me use, neither do I describe myself as “a Fat Jogger” else … Continue reading

Who says FAT girl can’t run track?

I had an email yesterday from a 16 year old girl who was looking for some running advice. She told me that she weighs close to 300lbs and her biggest ambition is to run track. Now from this I gathered she is from the states, because here in the UK we don’t really use that … Continue reading

I don’t like running fast

When I say fast, I mean anything more sprightly than a jog, but wait…I don’t like the term “jogging” so what am I trying to say? I didn’t actually want to run tonight. I haven’t been out for a run since last week Wednesday because of bad knee and childcare issues, so I should have … Continue reading

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