Introducing Gemma

Of course I have no favorites in my Fattymustrun Marathon Challenge Recruits , however I think I am secretly most proud of Gemma, and here is why. In the first month of the challenge she was carted off to hospital to have her appendix taken out, and if truth be known I didn’t think she … Continue reading

I am writing a book

As everyone knows, the city of London on a Saturday morning is as empty as a marathon runners glucose store at mile 24 and with not even a sniff of last nights partying bankers, the sudden onset of winter and the bleak damp concrete around Bank had me feeling far from chirpy at 8.47 this … Continue reading

Another start again Monday

So not only does today mark the start of another week, its also the start of a new month (well almost) so I had every intention of putting the crap of last week behind me…and believe you me there has been some crap – Biscuits, cakes, sweets, crisps, chips, ice creams and a whole heap … Continue reading

10 Easy ways to start Running

OK so I lied… and anyone who has recently started up running knows that it is far from easy to actually start running. Add to that the extra pressure of being overweight and before you know it you can think of a hundred reasons not to run at all, and as my recent blog post 50 … Continue reading

Why am I so deluded?

When I initially found out I was pregnant with Rose, like most women on their first pregnancies I went in to a bit of a panic at the thought of how much weight I might put on. It didn’t help that I had just spent over a year dieting and training for my first marathon, … Continue reading

Half a Bleedin Pound

I lost half a pound this week. Better than nothing I hear you say. And you would be right…however for me to get to my ideal weight of 12 and a half stone I calculate that this would take me 2 years and 8 weeks. In other words by 3rd October 2015. Seriously I can’t … Continue reading

Starting to see some improvements

I’ve not been to track night for a few weeks, not for any particular reason I’ve just not prioritised it. But I’m glad I went tonight. My sister pulled out citing the weather as a reasonable excuse, it has been hot but Jen…computer says no!!! We have 2 weeks until our Olympic Park 5miler, and … Continue reading

Juneathon Round Up

I am sitting here writing this on my phone whilst Rose is crying on the floor out of frustration (she’s learning to crawl…or not which is why she’s making such a fuss) You’d think after the past exhausting 30 days I would take a break today but no I decided to walk to the doctors … Continue reading

You can not be serious

No this is not a “wimbledon/tennis” related post this is a “I ran over 30k since last weeks weigh in and didn’t lose a single pound” post. Can you believe it, 5k on Saturday, 15k on Sunday, 4k last night and shit loads of power walking in between, and I am exactly the same weight … Continue reading

Dreadmill to Shedmill in 5 Easy Steps

For many overweight women the treadmill is the first step on their running journey, safe in the knowledge that they can press the red button at any point, jump off and go for a breather if needed. For others though it truly is their worst nightmare, running on a contraption with an apparent mind of … Continue reading

Whoever Invented Spinning should be SHOT

Ok that sounds a little harsh But seriously…what were they on? It’s hellish. I planned to go to the gym today and do a hardcore treadmill session followed by a swim but when I got there I just enquired as to what classes were going on and you guessed it. 6.45pm SPIN What the hell, … Continue reading

You Can’t Have Your Cupcake and Eat It

It’s my birthday today, so I was going to call this blog “its my party and I’ll LIE if I want to” telling you that I got up and knocked out a quick 10K before breakfast but thought better of it. I did get up and run, but a very short 1.7K to the post … Continue reading

How to run with a baby

Despite the title of this blog I am not for a minute suggesting you strap your baby to your back (or front for that matter) and run, my little girl (Rose, Aged 3 Months) is such a little lump I struggle to carry her around the front room. But ive been thinking about how as … Continue reading

Happy 100th Birthday Wanstead Flats parkrun

I did my first parkrun back in 2008, I got up ridiculously early to meet a friend in Wimbledon and it took me 37 minutes and 28 seconds to run around the course. Today I took part in the Wanstead Flats one hundreth parkrun, which for me was the 4th attempt on this course, where … Continue reading

Fatty’s Top 10Ks

It is quite apparent that in terms of setting myself a new goal for 2013, and increase in distance is out of the question, as I can barely finish a 5K at present and I just simply don’t have the time to commit to long weekend runs. So I am going to go back to … Continue reading

What a difference a year makes

This time last year I was just starting my tapering (ark at me!!) for my very first marathon, I was probably in the best shape I’d been in many years, I was running 10 – 20 miles per week and thoroughly enjoying my running. Now?? I am probably 3 stone heavier, am quite unfit, have … Continue reading

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