You know THAT Picture???

We all have one don’t we ladies? A photo that we absolutely hate? A picture that keeps popping up and reminding us of just how bad it has got? Now don’t get me wrong I am not fat bashing in anyway, I am just being honest about how I personally feel when I see a picture of … Continue reading

What is so bad about coming last

There are only two certainties within any kind of running race. A runner will come first and another will come last. In some cases there will only be a millisecond in it, perhaps requiring a photo finish and in others there could be an hour or mores wait for the last person to come home. … Continue reading

When did it all begin

I can’t remember the first time I ever ran, or come to think of it running in general in terms of my childhood or adolescence, maybe that’s why I got fat in the first place. I danced as a kid, just can’t recall running…I’m sure I ran to the sweet shop from time to time … Continue reading

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