Day 5 – I don’t want to peak too soon

I had a bit of a lay in today. No thats not exactly true. What happened was I got up early sorted Rose out, had a healthy breakfast, made a start on my todo list of housework and then thought stuff this and went back to bed. My other half was happy enough having a … Continue reading

To parkrun or NOT to parkrun

My alarm went off as normal at 8am and shortly after Rose woke up for a feed, so by the time my 8.15 reminder went off I could quite easily have stayed in bed. “I thought you were going parkrun” I heard from his side of the bed “Yeah, I was” came the answer, but … Continue reading

It’s all in the preparation

So my 10k is tomorrow morning, and really I should be sitting here confident that I have done everything in my power to prepare both my body and mind for this race, instead I am sitting here watching family fortunes and thinking about how much I would like to have a drink tonight. I will … Continue reading

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