Falling Over

I went back to Mile End parkrun today to tackle those deadly hills, you may remember this course was my first attempt at running after having over a year off and I only managed one lap that time. The day started off great, I had new kit sent to me by online retailer Fashion World, … Continue reading

Good Sports Bra = Girl Power

Did you know a G Cup breasticle can move up to 14cm during exercise, now that’s some serious bounce. 14cm is like the width of a DvD case…wow can you imagine what damage they could do when left untamed? Luckily I don’t have size G boobies, I have a D cup…just in case you’ve ever wondered. My … Continue reading

How to Create the Perfect Running Top

So I ran today. Nothing new there then. It’s Monday and Monday means track night. A challenging session led by my running club at a local running track. I’ve been going for a few months now and am seeing a real improvement. Only problem today, the sun is out and I had no top to … Continue reading

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