One Big Fat Run

I have a dream, a dream that one day…one day 1 MILLION overweight runners from all over this crazy planet will participate in a single running event on one given day. Can you picture it… parks and footpaths, tracks and treadmills all over the land taken over by an army of determined runners, albeit a … Continue reading

A Housewife’s Ton Up

I don’t live in a house, and I’m not married…but on an official form I suppose I would have to tick the box that says housewife, or homemaker…although my other half may beg to differ when it comes to the limited amount of housework I actually do. But that is not the point. The weather … Continue reading

It could be YOU!!!!!

Yesterday I, along with 5000+ other lucky individuals got the chance to be the first to cross the finish line in the London 2012 Olympic Stadium, when we took part in the National Lottery’s Olympic Park Race. Now I have seen the Olympic Park numerous times before, (Due to my job) I must have been … Continue reading

Muscle Pain

I feel fine when I am lying or sitting down, and fine when I am standing…but its those moments inbetween that are proving quite painful. Going to the toilet is the worst, I might have to conscider wearing a nappy for the next few days until the pain subsides. I of course say all of … Continue reading

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