Do you need a running buddy?

One of the biggest fears for new runners (and particularly overweight and unfit runners) is the thought of running with someone else. Having someone else witness my red face, my inability to breath properly, having to walk every few minutes – oh the shame!! Nope. It’s easier to just go out alone. Well that’s how … Continue reading

Good Sports Bra = Girl Power

Did you know a G Cup breasticle can move up to 14cm during exercise, now that’s some serious bounce. 14cm is like the width of a DvD case…wow can you imagine what damage they could do when left untamed? Luckily I don’t have size G boobies, I have a D cup…just in case you’ve ever wondered. My … Continue reading

My London Marathon attempt from 2012

My alarm went off with a start at 5.45, and it was only a matter of seconds before I remembered why I was up so early. I turned to find my bed empty as my other half had decided to sleep on the couch as not to wake or disturb me during the night. I’d … Continue reading

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