Welcome to the Matrix

So I had a real Matrix moment today. I was sitting on the steps of Westfield Stratford soaking up the sun whilst enjoying my lunch and killing some time before my mums on the run session which I lead in the Olympic Park each Wednesday. I was watching the crowds buzzing around Stratford tube station … Continue reading

Fitbug Orb Giveaway

I started this blog in September 2010 after deciding I was going to run a Marathon in 2012, my first ever post was called When will I learn and it was about coming dead last in a 10K race. This was my first ever attempt at blogging and I had no idea really what I … Continue reading

A timeless race

Is a race a race if… A. Nobody receives their timings B. There is no hard evidence of who came where As I sit here getting my kit together for tonight’s weownthenight 10k, including lacing my timing band to my shoe, I am filled with the dread of what happened this morning…I just can’t stop … Continue reading

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