Are you lucky enough to have a home gym??

I thought not. Me neither. Or have I?? Just one second. Silly me…of course I have. Look there’s the Running Machine behind the door that I bought 5 years ago and have used less than 20 times. Oh and the other halfs weights bench and weights bar, 2 kettlebells (8kg and 12kg), a skipping rope, … Continue reading

10 Easy ways to start Running

OK so I lied… and anyone who has recently started up running knows that it is far from easy to actually start running. Add to that the extra pressure of being overweight and before you know it you can think of a hundred reasons not to run at all, and as my recent blog post 50 … Continue reading

One Big Fat Run

I have a dream, a dream that one day…one day 1 MILLION overweight runners from all over this crazy planet will participate in a single running event on one given day. Can you picture it… parks and footpaths, tracks and treadmills all over the land taken over by an army of determined runners, albeit a … Continue reading

Dreadmill to Shedmill in 5 Easy Steps

For many overweight women the treadmill is the first step on their running journey, safe in the knowledge that they can press the red button at any point, jump off and go for a breather if needed. For others though it truly is their worst nightmare, running on a contraption with an apparent mind of … Continue reading

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