The Zen of Getting Drenched!!

Rain, rain go away come again another day. That is the song I found myself singing to my daughter over this bank holiday weekend as the weather put a stop to some of the fun activities we had planned. There’s one thing for me to head out into the rain for hours on end but … Continue reading

Why EVEN you should get proper trainers fitted (Part 2)

So if you remember a few posts back I told you all about the process of going for GAIT analysis and Sweatshop sorting me out with a pair of shiny new running shoes in exchange for a review of the process. Well I decided to break the blog post up into two parts because the … Continue reading

Longest Run of 2014

It said on my training plan…Long Run, but in all honesty anything over 5k is kinda long for me right now. I haven’t been out for a self-induced long training run since about November last year and that was just shy of 10k. So today I decided I would try for something around the 12 … Continue reading

I Ran the Night

Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow…what a night. Yeeesshhh, I haven’t uttered those words for a number of years now, not since my young free and single days of going out Saturday and sneaking back home in the daylight on a Tuesday afternoon!! Last night I took part in a phenomenal event. My first 10K of … Continue reading

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