What a way to start 2014

If I think back to all the crazy antics I’ve got up to in the early hours of New Years Day over the years, wow it makes me shudder and smile in equal measure. A couple of years back I actually saw two “Happy New Year” moments as I crossed a time zone in South … Continue reading

I am an East London (parkrun) Runner

I was so exhausted after yesterdays Juneathon exercise I didn’t manage to blog, so here goes!! I was up at 7am getting Rose ready to be dropped off to my sisters for the day, her first full day without me and then I was off to Walthamstow for the start of the longest parkrun. The … Continue reading

Happy 100th Birthday Wanstead Flats parkrun

I did my first parkrun back in 2008, I got up ridiculously early to meet a friend in Wimbledon and it took me 37 minutes and 28 seconds to run around the course. Today I took part in the Wanstead Flats one hundreth parkrun, which for me was the 4th attempt on this course, where … Continue reading

The Great Outdoors

I must have very sweet tasting blood you know as I have been bitten to pieces. So much for exercise being good for you, I’ve probably lost half a stone tonight and thats just through rapid blood loss. I have in fact been at BMF tonight, and for those of you not in the know … Continue reading

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